Week 1 Task 3

Writing Task: Response

During the introduction of Mirzoeff’s How to See the World, a few interesting key points are raised.

Mirzoeff compares two contemporary images; NASA’s Blue Marble (1972), and Hoshide’s ‘Untitled’ (2012) which are used as an example of how our visual culture has changed over time. For example; Blue Marble (1972) was the first image of its kind and altered its audiences perception of the world, making it what is “now believed to be the most reproduced photograph ever” (Mirzoeff 3), a demonstration of the massive impact of just one photo.

Hoshide’s “Untitled” selfie did not echo the same social interest, yet it made being in outer space even more relatable to the audience through the use of the everyday ‘selfie’ technique.

This shows us how each image’s connectivity to its audience has had such different reactions and how much the world has changed between times.


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