Week 4 Task 2 (A-C)


Essay Question: no.4; ‘The Changing World’ (Mirzoeff, Chapter 6. 211 –252) considers human influences and impacts upon the environment, flora and fauna. He proposes that western cultures in particular have had a preoccupation with the ‘conquest of nature’ (220). Explain what he means and then discuss some of the different ways artists, designers and concerned others are drawing attention to the implications and consequences those influences and impacts have for people, and/or their environment. Conclude by considering the overall consequences for the planet and its different life forms.


From my own interpretation this essay question is asking me to explain and analyse using my own words to show how a number of artists/designers/others have chosen to draw attention to certain environmental issues and their impacts or potential impacts for people and the earth. This means I am going to have to analyse a number of art works, and present it in an essay format, complete with an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.



Mind Map (Thinking and Planning)




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