Week 9

For assessment 3, the issue I have chosen to research is the diminishing bee populations, and the contributing factors at play within this issue. I have chosen to look at each of the factors influencing the dwindling bee populations, and whether some are fixable factors or not. This idea is important to look at, seeing as bees play an important role in the food production industry, being responsible for approximately a third of the food on our plates.

Chapter 7: Changing The World and the Afterword: Visual Activism, of Mirzoeff’s “How To See The World” is an important part of the research for this project,  as it discusses the importance of visual thinking. Visual thinking refers to how the artist intends to communicate their ideas through visual text, and how the viewer receives the message behind the image. Visual activism is a sister term for visual thinking, referring to the use of visual imagery to communicate an important issue to the viewer. Both of these terms are crucial to consider when making art that deals with important world issues, in order for the concepts to be properly communicated and understood by the viewer. This ties into Mirzoeff’s ideas throughout both chapters of what it means to be a citizen in this global era, where anything we see or post online is viewed globally by other online users. Thus creating an ideal atmosphere to communicate ideas of activism and the potential for them to gain popularity in order to spread awareness and make a difference.


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