Week 11

This week my research has progressed into more specific ideas of how my final work might  turn out, as well as more specific aspects of my topic; such as looking at a more specific type of pesticide (neonicotinoids) rather than pesticides as a whole.

Some of the effects I have come across in my research span far and wide, should bees become extinct. They are important to us because not only do we profit from the honey they make, but approximately a third of our plant species that we rely on depends on the pollination of bees to exist. This means there would potentially be a large reduction in crops we depend on for everyday needs such as fruit, vegetables, grain (which is also used to feed agricultural animals) and cotton.

This CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) has been causing the steady decline in numbers of the bee population since pesticides were first introduced after the second world war. We should be looking to reduce our support toward companies using pesticides on their produce and instead buy organic. If bees become extinct, this could potentially set off a domino effect, causing various ecosystems to crumble without any bees and other insects to help plants pollinate and reproduce.




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