Week 10

This week after doing research on my chosen issue of worldwide declining bee populations, I have considered the contributing factors within the issue of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder).┬áThe factors that combine to cause CCD include parasites (such as ‘Verroa Destructor’ and ‘Acarpis Woodi’), pesticides, and lack of variety in flowers (due to crop monocultures), as explained by Marla Spivak in the Ted Talk below:

What people are not aware of is the chain reaction that could be potentially be set off if this species becomes extinct, therefore affecting the crops we produce and rely on such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, and cotton. ┬áThis relates to Mirzoeff’s ideas discussed in Chapter 7; Changing The World, and the Afterword; Visual Activism, in the way that researching an issue and making work that aims to inspire change is part of our global citizenship to pay attention to issues such as this.