Week 2 Task 4

Analyse a visual text: object/item/image/space

I chose this item as my visual text to analyse as it is quite unique to where it was found (San Fran bar). This is an interesting item for me because it was created to look how it was when the photo was taken only after so many people over a period of time have contributed to how we see it now. All the stickers and graffiti combine to create a unique appearance specific to that particular fire sprinkler inlet, giving the object character. It also interests me what people think of to as; some see it as art and other see it as vandalism. Personally I think it is really interesting and full of personality, and not only the object itself but also the environment and the people that choose to go there.


Lambert, Shannon. San Fran Bar. 2016. JPEG


Week 2 Task 3

Written response

Between the two sites visited, there are many differences to be noted as they are both such different atmospheres.

One significant difference is how different the two places are decorated. The City Gallery has a more polished and minimalistic decor, an indicator of sophistication and professionalism.  While the San Fran bar has a far more relaxed and vintage feel with a slightly edgy punk theme to it, shown through the use of textured wood, bright colours and metallic accents.

Another difference to note is the purpose for each venue. One is a quiet place for thinking and observing art works during the day whereas the other is quite the opposite; socialisation and drinking, with loud music at night.


Lambert, Shannon. City Gallery. 2016. JPEG


Lambert, Shannon. San Fran. 2016. JPEG



Week 2 Task 2

Field Trip Site Description and Analysis:

Site 2: San Fran Bar

IMG_2257.JPGLambert, Shannon. San Fran Bar. 2016. JPEG

The San Fran Bar located on Cuba street in Wellington serves as an ideal place for adults aged 18-30 to come and wind down with friends after a long work week, or to see live music.

The bar has a relaxed and slightly grungy appearance, shown through the use of black paint on the ceiling, walls and floor. There is also a small skeleton that is positioned in the cage above the bar that also acts as a shelf holding alcohol, adding to the grungy theme but at the same time being juxtaposed by the two bright blue walls of the venue and vintage orange tabletops. This contrast in theme comes across slightly indecisive yet harmonised by the worn in skateboard decks displaying bar specials, an ideal halfway point between the punk and vintage themes. Another aspect of the appearance of San Fran to take note of is the use of industrialised accessories, such as the rough metal used as lampshades, bar stools and how aluminium drums with flaky paint are used to create a specific atmosphere here.

An example of one of the visual languages used here is the framed array of posters along the walls of the bar. These posters communicate a relaxed mood and hint that the bar is also used to hosting musicians regularly.


Lambert, Shannon. San Fran. 2016. JPEG


Lambert, Shannon. San Fran. 2016. JPEG


Lambert, Shannon. San Fran. 2016. JPEG


Lambert, Shannon. San Fran. 2016. JPEG

Week 2 Task 1


Field Trip Site Description and Analysis:

Site 1: City Gallery





The Wellington City Gallery exists as an important venue for showcasing the finest art pieces in not only the Wellington region but in the rest of New Zealand.

The gallery allows the public to experience the pieces of art in an environment where they can think and observe in peace, as well as it being a safe place to display and archive art works for future visitors.

This building and its contents stands to represent the artistic interests of the wellington public. This target audience spans far and wide; ranging anywhere from the elderly, art curators and collectors, tourists, lecturers and students to families with children.

The use of space is to be noted the Wellington City Gallery too, both inside and out. The area outside the main entrance consists of a spacious courtyard with smaller areas of lawn. The inside area utilises the space of the multiple large rooms, to best display chosen art works while the interior layout of the building allows for a flowing route for visitors between exhibits.

I personally would come back to the gallery at some point out of interest of what is on display, or even potentially for research needed for an assignment. This is because galleries are always changing the works they exhibit, so it would be interesting to see what has changed, as well as how upstairs looks, because at the time of my visit maintenance work was being done.


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.57.48 AM.png 


  Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.58.13 AM.png


  Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.58.25 AM.png


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.58.39 AM.png 





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